“One of the most startling cultural oversights in this country is the myth that medicine only comes from outside ourselves. The Chinese say that the human body produces medicine for free and that Tai Chi and Qigong produce the elixir of longevity within.”

Roger Jahnke, OMD, Founder and Director of Integral Qigong and Ta

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Welcome to Three Treasures Tai Chi. Although people come for many different reasons, we are very glad you have joined us here today.

On our site you can learn about the philosophy of Tai Chi and how it's practice has affected countless people spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. You will find many tools on the RESOURCES page, as well as insightful and informative, action-oriented teachings in ARTICLES.

You can also access our schedule of classes and workshops, and meet the instructors of Three Treasures Tai Chi, each endowed with unique training in healthcare professions, skilled in supplemental arts such as Healing Touch, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Guided Meditation and Enneagram, and jointly passionate to bring the healing powers of Tai Chi and Qigong to all the members of their community.

We hope you will explore the site and look forward to walking with you on your journey. Right here right now is a great place to start. Please explore some of the wondrous benefits of Tai Chi*.
“There are times in Qigong that I hear myself shift to a different place…there is this most unusual sensation of like everything coming together, it’s like something goes ahhhaah….”(Anna)

Being in the present
Ability to respond to change

“I look forward to the standing Qigong and the release of everything around you…I imagine that I am standing in water, in the ocean…it has such a calming effect on me and this helps me so that I can get up and go” (Helga)

Gentle touch
Tai Chi

Quiets mind
Exercises memory
Improves cognitive functioning
Uses visualization, affirmations, & setting intentions

Improves sleep
Low impact & aerobic
Develops core muscular strength
Improves flexibility, balance, coordination, & reaction time
Increases Bone density
Enhances immune system
Improves cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, & digestive systems

“It’s available anytime and anywhere I want to do it…whenever the spirit moves me” (Harry)

Confident movement
Releases anger, sadness,
worry, fear,
anxiety, & depression
Nurtures kindness,
trust, gentleness,
love, & acceptance
*From the research paper “Subjective Experiences of Older Adults Practicing Taiji and Qigong” Yang Yang, Sharon DeCelle, Mike Reed, Karl Rosengren, Robert Schlagal, and Jennifer Greene, 2011

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